5 Great Ideas for Remodeling Your Bathroom

Your bathroom is one of the most private spaces in your home. But, often, they are neglected and kind of forgotten; style-wise, that is.

A good look at your bathroom may trigger a train of thought that goes something like this: “The walls look appalling, and ugh, I can’t believe this ugly floor; wait, the shower really needs to go; oh my, this rickety sink cabinet is just obnoxious…”

Once you realize your bathroom needs a makeover – and what better time to do it than NOW – and before you start agonizing over “how to’s” and “what to’s”, browse these bathroom remodeling ideas.

Take your coffee or tea, make yourself comfortable and enjoy the “before” and “after” photos with some great ideas for revamping your old bathroom.


Take a look at this small bathroom. It’s pretty outdated and yearning to be revamped. The new design mixes the vintage look of the octagonal floor tiles with a modern vanity. The drawers provided plenty of storage space for towels, toiletries, and cleaning supplies. The brushed nickel faucet goes nicely with cabinet hardware and completes the look.



Another great example of an effective bathroom makeover – from a rather rundown looking small bathroom to a bright, contemporary and much more efficient bathroom!

Bathroom Before_After


This bathroom in a Cottage Living Idea House can inspire you to choose unique and bold paint colors for your bathroom walls. For example, this chocolate brown color of the wall with white accents make the room look rich without it looking too dark.

New Bathroom


Here’s a personal bathroom that got updated with natural elements. Modern wooden cabinet, Mocha marble top, vessel sink, natural textures and colors and a playful twig mirror invoke the forest look and feel.

Bathroom remodel


A lot of bathrooms feel cramped. In such cases, simply changing vanity or shower door simply won’t do. Often, the best approach is to reconfigure the room.

Less-permanent elements, such as fixtures, interior walls, and cabinetry, can easily be replaced. Plumbing and drains, for example, are not so easily modified. Take a look at the below example of redoing the layout so it opens up the space nicely.

Work with your contractor on the best layout that will make your bathroom more efficient, spacious, and easier to move around.

Bathroom Blueprint

Now, there’s a lot you can do to beautify your bathroom, and let’s not forget the wonderful feeling a little indulgence will give you. So many options to achieve a more luxurious look and feel. For example, install heated floors and towel bars, frameless glass showers, shapely soaking tubs, steam generators, and therapeutic showerheads – you’ll feel so pampered every day, bathroom may just become your favorite room!

Start envisioning your perfect bathroom remodeling Lancaster PA today, then start planning. Being rather personal, bathroom-remodeling projects call for extra considerations and research.

Remodeling your bathroom will give you more comfort and style and increase your home value.

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