Home One Tune Up

Home One TUNE-UP – Who Needs It and Why?

In short, every house can benefit from a Home One TUNE-UP. After all, our saying is:
“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Think of it this way:

Your car gets an inspection once a year to ensure that everything is working optimally and your safety is ensured. Your children get an annual checkup at the Doctor’s office to keep them going strong. So, shouldn’t your home, the place where you park your car, shelter your children and plan your future, get the same kind of attention? We think so!

Our Home One TUNE-UP is designed to save you time and money.

Our home experts come to your location and ensure that your home operates safely and efficiently. The fact is that most homeowners can complete these items themselves; however, many people do not have the required time or specific knowledge to do so.

Having a Home One TUNE-UP performed on your house today can prevent large home repair bills down the road. Get proactive, you will be glad you did – 717.581.3474.

We offer both an annual and bi-annual plan in which our home experts come to your house and perform the following standard services:

Our Standard Home One Tune-Up Services:

  • Check sprinkler systems and other exterior lines
  • Connect/disconnect all hoses to outside spigots and drain exterior water lines
  • Clean gutters and check for leaking, misaligned or damaged gutters and downspouts
  • Inspect decks and other exterior wood surfaces for signs of rotting
  • Look for deteriorated finishes to preserve wood
  • Inspect driveway for signs of cracks or other water related damage
  • Check for missing, loose or damaged sidings
  • Check caulking on exterior dryvit surfaces
  • Inspect for signs of brick and mortar damage on chimney and/or exterior walls
  • Check for damaged, loose or missing shingles on roof
  • Inspect windows, fascia and soffit for damage, flaking or cracking
  • Check weather-stripping
  • Clean and lubricate window channels
  • Test smoke detectors and replace batteries (if necessary)
  • Trip circuit breakers and GFI outlets
  • Check exposed wiring for wear or damage
  • Change filters to furnace
  • Check for cracks, leaks and dampness in basement walls and floors
  • Check vents and ensure proper operation
  • Check faucets, valves, sinks and traps for signs of leakage
  • Inspect bathroom tile joints, tub grouting and caulking to ensure all seals are satisfactory
  • Draw off sediment in water heater
  • Check vent openings for nests and other blockage
  • Make sure vents and attic fans work properly
  • Clean and install screen windows and doors (spring) or storm windows and doors (fall)
  • Inspect for signs of roof or flashing leaks

Our Supplementary Home One Tune-Up Services:

  • Install gutter guards/gutter strainers
  • Replace damaged gutters or downspouts
  • Clean and seal deck or other exterior wood surfaces
  • Replace rotted boards
  • Reseal driveway
  • Replace or repair missing or loose siding
  • Repair or replace damaged soffit panels
  • Repair brick and mortar damage
  • Repair cracked windows
  • Caulk joins and minor cracks
  • Touch-up paint flaking areas, or paint area entirely if needed
  • Repair or replace roof shingles
  • Repair roof or flashing if signs of leakage exist
  • Take out (spring) or put in (fall) outdoor furniture
  • Replace broken smoke detectors
  • Replace faulty outlets
  • Repair cracks in basement or seal basement walls
  • Replace or repair damaged vents and attic fans
  • Repair or replace leaky faucets, valves or traps
  • Caulk bathroom seals or replace grouting in tiles
  • Replace or repair damaged screen/storm windows and doors
  • Insulate water heater tank
  • Putty, caulk or add weather stripping to windows
  • Discard accumulated junk

This list of supplementary services is for illustrative purposes only.

Home One Services performs a wide variety of other services that you may request to have completed at the time of your Home One TUNE-UP.

If you request our experts to perform supplementary services, we will provide you with an estimated cost to perform the requested services prior to beginning any work.