Choosing the Right Countertop

Your kitchen is more than a place where food is being prepared – it’s a focal point and the heart of your home. Naturally, you want this space, where everyone flocks to, from early morning coffee or orange juice to big dinners, to be visually appealing and efficient.

If it’s time to do kitchen remodel, re-design, or, maybe, just a little revamp, one of the best ways to transform the overall appearance and improve efficiency is by upgrading your kitchen countertops.

Whether you’re ready to dive into a total kitchen renovation or just want to change the look and feel of your current kitchen without breaking the bank and going deep into the remodeling world, there are many countertop options to consider.

New kitchen countertops will add value to your home and give your old kitchen or bathroom an impressive boost. At Home One, we are very proud of our quality countertop installation.

Latest kitchen remodeling trends focus on designs and materials where convenience, multi-functionality, and stunning look come together. There’s a wealth of options depending on your styles and needs, and some of the things to look into include: is your kitchen style more traditional and classic or modern and sleek, do you need an easy-to-maintain surface, and is stain-resistance a concern?

Here are some of the most popular countertop choices:

Granite Countertops

Granite seems to be the top choice in countertops, as it provides versatility, toughness, and a sleek look.


It is available in a variety of shades such as blacks, whites, greens, corals and beiges, and in two finishes – a polished finish results in a shiny look and often darkens the appearance of the stone, while honing is soft and matte.

Solid Surfacing

Solid surface countertops, such as Corian, Formica, and Staron, are nonporous, with seamless surface that resembles the look of granite and stone.

Solid-surface materials can be pricey but are versatile and durable. require minimal maintenance, and you can find them in many lively colors and modern finishes. Installation of these countertops is seamless and usually equipped with a 10-year warranty.


Quartz offers a unique combination of beauty, convenience, and functionality, making it a great material for kitchen countertops fit for any lifestyle.

It’s non-porous and is one of the hardest surfaces on earth, which allows for easy care and scratch resistance, plus the built-in anti-microbial protection inhibits the growth of odor-causing bacteria, mold and mildew.

You can choose from an extensive selection of gem-like colors, each showing the natural beauty of quartz reflecting in multi-dimensional hues.

An amazing quality of quartz that every homeowner will appreciate is that it’s maintenance free – no need to seal or polish its surface.

Cultured Marble

Cultured marble and other cultured stone is a mix of stone particles and resins combined with pigments to create a wide array of colors and realistic, natural looking patterns.

Cultured stone surfacing countertops are cast in molds to create specific pieces, and come in many different sizes, shapes and edge treatments.


It’s another wonderful choice for your kitchen countertops, as it’s not only beautiful but also extremely tough and resistant to stains, mildew and chips.

Laminate Countertops

Laminate is great for anyone looking for affordable, low maintenance countertops, and those who want to choose from a wide selection of patterns and colors. Trust Home One kitchen remodelers to expertly and quickly install Laminate countertops for you.

As far as the countertop edges, square edges are standard on most of them. Another way to customize your kitchen is to opt for decorative edges such as radius, bullnose, bevel, egg and ogee.

Yes, the countertop options are vast, so when choosing your perfect countertop give yourself some time first to play with different choices. It’s important to consider how different materials and styles will look next to your kitchen cabinets, flooring, and your overall home style.

And this is a great time to do renovations – your new dream kitchen will be ready for you to proudly showcase during your summer parties and gatherings!

Home One team is here for you every step of the kitchen remodel, and we’ll work with you to select and install the best and most functional countertops to fit your lifestyle.

And why stop with your home’s kitchen – consider new countertops for your bath or bar areas, too. Our highly trained and experienced remodelers are ready to do the expert work for you, so you and your family can enjoy the new look and feel of your home.

We invite you to give us a call so we can help you select the right design and material for your kitchen countertops, and plan your quality affordable kitchen remodel in Lancaster, PA today.