Our Favorite Recent Home Renovation Project

At Home One, we love home renovation projects! From small and simple to large and challenging – we welcome them all and give each project our best.

Here’s a look at our favorite recent home renovation in Lancaster PA, completed for a long time customer of ours.

The customer chose Home One Services as we’ve had a trusted relationship for many years and worked together on many projects for their home.

This project involved transforming an old screened in porch and turning it into a sunroom, as well as some other interior renovations.

Here’s the old porch before the renovations:

Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 7.22.29 AM

When you do home renovations, you can almost always count on unexpected things to pop up – thing that slow us down, add extra work to the project, etc. So, during this remodel, we did encounter a few obstacles. The most notable one was discovering a cracked sewer pipe, which resulted in Home One’s expert team having to demo drywall to fix the pipe and then finish the drywall.

The homeowner was very appreciative of the fact that we caught the cracked pipe before the work was completed, understanding that, had it remained uncovered, it could’ve lead to even more headaches, expenses, and repairs down the road.

Once we performed all the work on the old screened-in porch, the transformation was amazing! The new sunroom added a new dimension to the house and brought it up to date with a more modern trend.

unnamed (14)

The area required installation of brand new flooring, recessed lights, and outdoor porch lights. We painted all walls, ceilings and trims inside, and created an attractive façade on the outside.

Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 7.23.46 AM

After one week of remodeling, this area of the house got a brand new look, just in time for our client to relax and enjoy the spring season!

At Home One, we love projects and we love and appreciate referrals, so let us do a make-over for your home so you can also let your friends and family know how we can make their place safer, more functional and beautiful.

If you need remodeling contractors in Lancaster PA, our experienced home improvement professionals are ready to help you. Contact Home One Services today for all your home renovations Lancaster PA needs.