Hire Our Lancaster PA Carpenters To Avoid Relationship Problems

Making your house more beautiful, comfortable, and safer can be exciting and gratifying – and also stressful and challenging.

Not only can home improvement cost a lot of money, time, and effort, especially when not done right, but it turns out it can also affect homeowners’ relationship!

A recent survey by home design website Houzz found that the stress of remodeling can cause couples to keep secrets from one another.

The Remodeling & Relationships Survey shows that 19% of the more than 1,500 survey respondents say they’ve made a significant design or purchase decision during the remodeling project without telling their partner, 7% say they added something in the remodel without telling their significant other first.

But what’s even more telling is that 41%, which is almost one-in-two, state they found remodeling with their partner “frustrating,” 25% describe it as “difficult,” and 12% admitted to it being “painful.”

The survey also found that only 20% of couples said they have the same style as their partner. The good news – 62% were able to successfully blend their styles.

When asked what could reduce the strain that remodeling can put on a relationship, 48% said compromise was key, that coming to an agreement on goals before starting the project was very important (38%), and 26% recommended making a realistic budget beforehand.

Despite the relationship problems that remodeling projects can cause, 97 percent of respondents said the result was worth it in the end. The majority of couples reported feeling more comfortable, happier, and organized in their home because of the project.

Also, nearly one-third of respondents said they spend more time together at the home because of the completed project. So, remodels may not doom a relationship in the long run.

Here’s the warm and fuzzy of the survey:

Despite the distress, 67% of respondents shared feeling more comfortable in their home after the remodeling, 61% said they were happier, and 53% said they were more organized; also, almost half of the participating couples stated that, since remodeling, they entertain at home more frequently and relax at home more often, while 38% do more cooking and dining at home.


Yes, remodeling can be chaotic. It can make your home feel cluttered, dusty, and noisy. It can take up all of your free time, and bring lots of stress along the way.

As a study from Porch, a Seattle-based home improvement website, shows, some main sources of stress in home renovation projects are not knowing where to begin, not understanding the cost involved, not knowing how long the project will take to complete, making too many changes during the project, miscommunication, and not understanding your home’s “quirks” or issues.

This is where a reliable, experienced, and skilled handyman and carpenter in Lancaster PA could provide an invaluable help, and ensure your home projects are done well and in time!


No job is too small or too big for our Lancaster PA Handyman division at Home One Services – allow us to do the heavy, the dirty, the complex, and lift the stress off of you and your loved one. As a result, your home, as well as your relationship will be cozy, beautiful and safe.

We wish only the Happiest Home Improvements to all!

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