Home One Services: Helping You Decorate for the Holidays

At Home One, we are not only passionate about home improvement services and making your house more comfortable and safe, but we also get excited about helping you create a vibrant, joyful look and feel – especially for the holidays.

So, we decided to sprinkle in some fun and creative decorating ideas for Thanksgiving and Christmas into our blog.

And if, for instance, you don’t have a fireplace mantel to hang stockings – we can even build a mock one for you! We hope you enjoy these creative ideas:


  1. Thanksgiving Decorating – Message Board

During Thanksgiving, when family, friends or any guests come over to your place, have them write what they are thankful for on a paper leaf.

You can cut paper leaves from old books or scrapbook paper in various fall shades. Then, simply pin it up on a corkboard, which you can decorate by covering the frame with a festive looking fabric, sparkles, or faux leaves.


  1. Thanksgiving Decorating – Gratitude Wreath

A wreath at your front door that symbolizes “Giving Thanks” will create a welcoming Thanksgiving atmosphere.

 Decorate a wreath (that you can make or buy) with roses, pinecones, hypericum berries, hydrangeas (keep flower stems in water picks), and anything else that speaks Thanksgiving to you. Or, keep it simple and let the leaves do the talking. 64d11ba7990d6b9110caf00465d0e505


  1. Thanksgiving Decorating – Honoring Ancestry

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to teach younger generations about their heritage and ancestors. You can spend some quality time with your young ones, or even a larger family group where cousins get to engage, in this activity – cutting out copies of vintage baby photos and arranging them on the wall in a “family tree”, and everyone guessing who’s who.

You can also use a corkboard to pin the images, and display it, honoring the ancestors and your roots.


  1. Thanksgiving Decorating – Moss and Rocks

 This is a quick and easy to arrange table decoration that will add a nice touch to your Thanksgiving theme.

 Arrange some smaller and medium size pebble rocks and a little pieces of moss around small candles in small flowerpots. You can have orange candles to resemble little pumpkins.


  1. Christmas Decorating – The More The Merrier

Wreaths are such a wonderful staple in Christmas decorating. This year, go for the more, the merrier – hang two wreaths, one above the other, instead of one!


  1. Christmas Decorating – Christmas Trees

 The trend is to have at least two trees, so if you’re up for the festive challenge, why not place one of your Christmas trees in the kitchen/dining area.

And here’s a bonus – decorate your tree with edible decorations, such as cookies, ribbon candy, gumdrops and garlands of popcorn and cranberries.


  1. Christmas Decorating – Candy Canes

 Decorate your home by displaying holiday treats along the top of a window – simply hang them on the trim, and keep them nicely out of kids’ and pets’ reach!


These peppermints candies are hooked on matching ribbon, giving your house an extra festive look.


  1. Christmas Decorating – Capture Photos

Christmas season and many other holidays are a perfect time to celebrate your family.

A great way to easily do this and add decorative touch to your home this season is to display family photos and holiday cards by hanging them from your banister’s garland.

For an added festive look and feel, mix faux garland with real greenery, and weave in pinecones and a holiday themed thick ribbon.


  1. Christmas Decorating – Messages of the Season


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We all can use an extra dose of happy, and holidays are a surely the time of the year to share the joy. Make everyone smile with messages that remind us of what the holiday is all about by hanging a cheery, seasonal phrase on the wall, or displaying them on your mantel. 

These were just some of the many creative ways to decorate your home this holiday season, and boost and enjoy the atmosphere of celebration with your family and guests.

And if you don’t have the time, energy, or know-how to do things around your house, including hanging pictures, other displays, and Christmas lights, or you need your home fixed and renovated before the holidays – call Home One’s professional handyman to do the work for you.

When it comes to home improvement services in Lancaster PA and surrounding areas, no project is too small or too big for us – so have your “To-Do” list for the holidays ready and turn to Home One quality handyman or contractor in Lancaster, PA.

Let us show you how we can make your home more joyful, beautiful, and comfortable this holiday season, while increasing the overall value of your house.

For all your home improvement and home remodeling Lancaster PA needs, call Home One Services today.