Home One Services Launches Your Extreme Garage

LANCASTER – Home One Services is expanding its home improvement services in central Pennsylvania with a new division: Your Extreme Garage. As people try to maximize the space in their homes, custom garage renovations are becoming more popular. Your Extreme Garage offers garage remodeling services tailored to each homeowner’s dreams.

“Garages often have a lot of untapped potential, and the vision of Your Extreme Garage is all about helping our customers turn their garage into an efficient space that meets their needs,” stated Chad Neiss, partner in Your Extreme Garage.

Your Extreme Garage specializes in organizing and shelving, climate control systems, flooring such as epoxy coating or interlocking tiles, lighting, cabinets, painting, television and appliance installations, and wrap and decal application.

Opting to hire a highly specialized garage improvement company like Your Extreme Garage from the get-go will save people from the hassle, stress, and wasted time that often accompanies do-it-yourself projects. The professionals at Your Extreme Garage ensure each garage transformation is completed in a timely manner with the utmost quality and an impressive wow factor.

The garage transformations with Your Extreme Garage are as varied as the interests of each client. Traditionally, garage remodels were limited to the dreams of motor heads. Creating a space for car collectors and vehicle lovers to have a clean and well-lit showcase is still a frequent request, but Your Extreme Garage is helping more and more homeowners to create custom storage and organization solutions in their garage.

Home gyms are another great way people have been calling on Your Extreme Garage to transform their garages. Remodeling a garage to include – or be completely centered on – a home fitness oasis allows people to forego the drive to and from a public gym, along with the crowds.

“Whatever you’re dreaming of turning your garage into, we’d love to work alongside of you to make it happen,” remarked Neiss. From designing a space to declare your sports loyalty to a major overhaul into an entertaining space complete with a bar, Your Extreme Garage brings experience and know-how to your project.

Your Extreme Garage is based in Lancaster, PA and serves clients throughout central Pennsylvania. For more information or to request a free quote, call 717-581-3474 or visit The parent company, Home One Services, was founded on the principle of, “Do it different!” and functions as a trusted remodel company offering handyman services as well as full scale remodels throughout central and eastern Pennsylvania.