Our Home Remodeling Contractors Can Help You Prioritize Your Projects

If you’re a homeowner, chances are you have a “to-do” list, whether it’s simple tasks or more labor-intensive undertakings and/or renovations.

The question is – how do you prioritize your home remodeling projects?

Our home remodeling contractors at Home One Services have seen it all – from smaller jobs, such as installing a new light to total home remodel, and we are here to help you prioritize your punch list.

Years of experience and expertise have taught us that the very first thing to look at is what is necessary to fix, install or do, versus good to have or luxury. These include things that will make your home safer, and usually also protect your investment, such as roof replacements, window replacements, broken or clogged plumbing, and faulty electrical.


A crucial thing to consider is your current situation: did you just buy a fixer upper, are you planning on selling your home, is your home an empty nest now, etc.

Now, if there are no major issues with the house, but it needs to get caught up with the 21st century, you can start prioritizing projects that will upgrade and update your home.


Questions to ask are what are your family’s needs. While kitchen and family room tend to be the areas of focus for many families, for you it may be creating extra storage space and mudroom, and for some having a dedicated playroom and finished basement.

If, like so many people, you’re preoccupied with your work and family, a to-do remodeling list might start to collect dust, and before you know it, small tasks can turn into big projects. And, if all of this seems overwhelming and you need a helping hand to prioritize and complete the projects, turn to our home remodeling contractors.

Whether it’s a full remodel that includes an open-concept floor plan and extra storage space, adding an outdoor deck, updating the hardware in the kitchen and bathroom, or repairing plumbing or installing a new AC unit – our proficient and friendly team is here to help you prioritize and tackle the tasks.

For all of your home remodeling and renovation needs, trust an experienced Lancaster home remodeling company – contact Home One Services today.