How to Jazz Up My Backyard

After months of being stuck inside our homes, the season of spending more time outdoors is finally here – time for backyard BBQ’s, tossing a ball, relaxing under the stars, and more!

A backyard is a place for your family to gather and have fun, but does your backyard offer what you want it to?  Now is the time to spruce it up – nobody wants to spend their summer inside because their backyard is boring.

Here are some ways to jazz up your backyard, making it an inviting haven for all your family gatherings:

Whether your vision is to fully transform your yard or simply do a few enhancements, start with defining and planning your outdoor space to help ensure functionality.  For instance, what is the right location, size, style, and material for your new deck, grill/al fresco dining area, pool, etc., and how does it all fit into your budget and lifestyle.

Patio or Deck

A deck or patio is a must-have – it offers a dedicated space for dining, entertaining and lounging and is a visually attractive and very effective transition from indoor to outdoor living.  A patio is likely the easiest and most affordable way to increase your living space. 

Decks offer limitless design possibilities; you can build a detached deck or one connected to your house, it can be inlaid with existing landscape or wraparound, connected to a pool, etc.

Consider building a multitier deck as it can provide different areas for eating, lounging, and other outdoor activities.

If you already have a deck, consider re-staining or painting to revive its look and ensure it’s in its best condition.  Depending on its size, you may want to consider expanding it, or building a side deck or patio for your outdoor grilling, fire pit, Jacuzzi, etc.  

And, don’t forget to add a covered structure to shield you from the sun and the elements and provide more privacy.  There are many options, such as pergola, gazebo, extended roof, etc.  We’ll be happy to explore the best option for your home!

Outdoor Kitchen

An outdoor kitchen is a great investment if you love cooking and eating outside, and hosting outdoor gatherings with friends and family.  The easiest way to build one would be to position it on the deck or patio against your house wall, so you can take advantage of existing electrical and plumbing.  

One of the fun trends in outdoor kitchens is to fit it with a TV set protected from the elements and heat.  Just imagine being able to cook, eat, entertain and relax outdoors as you watch your favorite show or game.  

For smaller backyards and budget, a better fit than elaborate outdoor kitchen would be building a BBQ island with a grill and countertops.


There’s something magical about following a path through a garden, so adding pathways will help give your backyard personality, show off decorations and provide more unity.  Depending on the theme of your yard, you can use stepping stones, bricks, concrete, gravel, or dirt to create different paths, and they can be straight or meandering.

Fire Pit

Having a fire pit is a great way to enhance flare and community feel of your outdoor space, and many people feel that their backyard parties and gatherings just wouldn’t be complete without one.  Gather around a fire pit and enjoy the ambience of flickering light, whether you make s’mores well into a starry night or snuggle up and get cozy in cooler seasons.

Outdoor Furniture

A set of comfy outdoor furniture is a must-have.  It can pull a space together, establish a sense of community, and offer versatile functionality.  Choose durable furniture with comfortable outdoor cushions, and if buying it new isn’t in your budget, consider reviving old pieces or buying second-hand.


Having a pool is not for everyone, especially if your backyard and budget are small. However, if you can install one, whether it’s above or below ground, it would certainly offer a great escape from the heat in the summer, as well as allow for a ton of fun, exercise, and relaxation.


The best way to add flavor and life to your backyard without having to tear up the grass is to create a container garden.  You can have the exact amount of plants you want, and include vegetables and herbs, too.

If you love gardening and planting, why not research which veggies grow best in your area and plant a full vegetable and herbal garden!  You’ll have a nice bounty of fresh produce while spending significant time in the yard – good for the body and mind.

And don’t forget to plant some flowers – it is the most beautiful way to add color to your yard.  


A great way to enhance the boring walls and siding is to add a trellis or two.  You can build or purchase a trellis, place it alongside your home, and plant climbing ivy, tomato vines, or indigo morning glories among many other beautiful options.


Find a couple of trees, secure a hammock, and you have a simple, timeless, and relaxing way to enjoy your backyard.  If you don’t have the right tree setup, get a hammock with its own base, place it in your yard as you see fit, and experience a peaceful surrender!


Installing a large swing on your deck or hanging one from a big tree out back, or both, can add a romantic touch to your yard – there’s something truly delightful and carefree about swings.  Fun tip: you can paint your tree swing any color you want!


If you have little ones, a playground in the backyard is probably the best way to keep them entertained and active.  It doesn’t have to be big, even a little sandbox with a slide and swing will do the trick.

Tree House

If you want to get more creative and add character to your backyard, build a tree house – it’s fun for kids and the kid in all of us.  Opt for an elaborate tree house with with many features and details, or go for a basic one – built properly on a solid tree, your tree house can last for decades!


Fountains can add different flavors to your backyard, from Zen to modern to elegant.  You can also choose to have a pond, birth bath, or even a small waterfall.  Any water feature will surely lend a relaxing ambiance to your outdoor space.


Finally, make sure you have proper outdoor lighting – whether you’ll want to party late into the warm, summer nights or simply sit and relax after a long day.  Lights can really transform the area, enhancing the atmosphere and providing a more romantic and magical look.  

Whether you decide to build a well-designed outdoor kitchen, a deck or patio with a shaded structure, pool area, or outdoor bar and entertainment area – Spring is the perfect time to create a backyard of your dreams.

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