How To Repair My Brick Walkway

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If you have a brick walkway that needs to be repaired, here is a brief overview of some steps you can take to get the job done!

If you simply have a couple of bricks to replace you may not want to repair your entire walkway.  This method is for anyone with a fairly average skill level and might serve as a project to help you build your confidence.

  1. Use a pry bar or flat head screwdriver to remove the damaged loose brick.  You may have to remove some of the bricks surrounding the damaged brick or bricks.
  3. Add coarse sand to the area where you removed the brick or bricks.  Make sure not to put enough sand so that it will be able to be packed together well.  Use a tamper to pack the sand down.
  5. Replace the damaged bricks with new ones that are the same size and replace any bricks that were around the damaged brick that you removed.  Make sure the bricks are level with the other bricks surrounding them.  You may need to add or remove sand underneath the brick depending on whether your new brick sits level or not.
  7. Once your bricks are set in place and level, put sand on top over the bricks in the area you repaired.  Use a broom to sweep the sand in between the bricks to fill the space in between them.  This helps to further lock the bricks in place and keep them from moving.  That is it.  You are done!

Hopefully, this was helpful as a guide for a small job, like repairing a small section of your brick walkway.  But what if you have to repair or even replace your entire brick walkway?  What if you need something more? 

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