How To Seem Like a Design Genius to Your Friends!

Hiring a topnotch interior designer to design a well-appointed and stylish home may not be in your budget.  The good news is – everyone can make their home more comfortable and breathe new life into their interior. 

We recently shared some tips on how to jazz up the outside of your house and make it look more luxurious, and today we’d like to talk about ways to create inspiring interior design that makes a great first impression on your guests.

An aesthetically pleasing space feels more welcoming, uplifting, and beautiful, and improves your home’s value.

Here are some interior design ideas and ways to enhance the look and feel of your home:

Get Creative

It’s all about creativity – the colors, patterns, shapes, lights, materials, and placements within your space offer an opportunity to incorporate new designs in your house.  If you don’t feel overly creative yourself, look at some free design apps that can help you become more experienced in the design of your space.

Look for designs and elements that refine the aesthetics and raise your home value, while making it look unique.  Experiment with the process and explore a variety of elements you can add to your home design.

Add Interest to Your Walls

Bring out the personality and trendy vibes of your home with the transformative effect of fresh paint on your walls, and explore moving beyond the safe (and unexciting) browns and beiges to add a luxurious feel.  Play with with accent colors and pops of contrasting colors – smoky charcoals, crisp black, saturated red, green or blue.

Many interior designers believe that wallpaper can really dress up your walls nicely.  Go for attractive and unusual patterns, color, and designs that will turn your walls into a beautiful work of art.


If you want to impress your friends with thrilling interior design, be sure to get lighting right – light and light fixtures enhance the ambiance and define your home’s character.

There are many ways to design your indoor lighting, but make sure you’re layering.  For instance, you can add interest by having some upward facing lights to accent the artwork on the walls, sculptures, etc.  For a modern feel, opt for pendant lamps, and make sure you choose extraordinary design and something that draws attention and visual focus.

One of the elements that can create a more stunning atmosphere in your home is LED under cabinet or shelf lighting, installed in kitchen, bathrooms, media room, etc.  

Proper indoor lighting can really transform any area, enhance the atmosphere and provide a more sophisticated look. 

Natural light brings a fresh feel to your house, so if your windows are small, hang mirrors on the wall to reflect more light during the daytime.  

Add Sparkle

One of the most attractive interior designs you can apply to your home is to add dazzling luster, such as chandeliers and other crystal accessories, as well as bronze, brass, golden or steel fixtures and decorative pieces.

Furniture Arrangement

Create an appealing space in your living room and make full use of the floor.  Rearrange your furniture, so it’s conversational, inviting, and not too cluttered.  For space efficiency and to enhance the design, add some stylish floor cushions and ottomans with bold patterns or colors.

Beautify/Add Artwork

Add sophistication, elegance, and character to your home with artwork.  Lighten up your dull spaces with colorful wall art display, going either with a single theme or a more eclectic art mix.

This is a great time to support your local artists and artisans, so pick some paintings, sculptures, and other decorations locally. 

If you have a collection of printed family photographs or photos from your travels, create a photo wall.  If you have a collection of souvenirs or other art pieces, rearrange them to create a more artsy look.  

Beautify with interesting and unique looking candle holders and candles, aromatherapy diffusers, and semi-precious stones, such as amethysts and selenite.  For a special dose of added beauty, add a wreath made from dried or preserved greens and florals, and some similar decorations to your guest bathroom.

Decorate With Plants

Plants are a great way to make your home to stand out, and decorating with plants in nice, contrasting colored pots is a great way to elevate your interior design, even if you’re on a budget.  Arrange a couple of large indoor plants such as Dracaena Janet Craig, Jade plant, Asparagus Fern, Chinese Money Plant, and Yucca in the hallway or place them in your living room to liven up your space.

Design your space with some Air Plants – they are easy to care for, lovely and unique looking.  Use decorative hanging glass planters to give you a 360-degree view of these sophisticated plants, or gold plant frames, a great decorative accent designed specifically for air plants.

And last but not least, make sure you take care of anything that needs fixing in your home – even small flaws can stand out against an otherwise attractive decor.

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