If You Need Carpenters Or A Handyman In Lancaster PA – Trust Our Qualified Experts

Making our house more comfortable, peaceful and safe brings such pride and joy to every homeowner – especially if you don’t need to be stressed about the cost, time and effort that remodeling projects require.

Now, if you don’t have the time and energy to work on fixing or renovating your home, or you don’t quite know how – call a professional handyman or contractor to do the work for you.

And even if you have a few tools and you think that you could handle a project by yourself, as the saying goes – “owning a hammer doesn’t make you a carpenter”, so go to a trusted source to get any job done right, the first time.

Although there seem to be many jacks-of-all-trades, you will want a carpenter or a handyman who is qualified and trustworthy.

Often, homeowners go through a hassle of calling a different handyman to complete different projects. This requires a lot of your time and coordination, and dealing with different contractors. For all your carpenter and handyman in Lancaster, PA needs, Home One will provide qualified craftsman who can complete any project with high quality.

At Home One Services we are committed, above all else, to not only improving your home, but also your way of life.

From building or hanging new cabinets to installing crown moldings, from building and installing custom countertops, entertainment center, staircases and bookshelves to custom gazebos – our professional carpenters will enhance your home with visual appeal and storage space.


Home One carpenter handles the full range of rough and finished skilled carpentry work, including remodeling, retrofitting, maintaining and repairing various types of interior and exterior structures.

Other services a carpenter will provide are design, construction, retrofit and repair various types of furniture, such as tables and benches, as well as partitions, flooring, door and window frames.

Since it’s crucial that all the work performed on your home is in compliance with applicable building and safety codes and regulations, your carpenter will also make sure that this is achieved.

Have a “To-Do” list, but think the tasks are too small to hire a professional handyman?

Do not fret; Home One quality handyman in Lancaster, PA will complete any small, or large, project for you!

From general maintenance and renovations to plumbing and electrical, your handyman will perform simple and more complex jobs around the house. He will replace light bulbs, install appliance hardware, fix leaky pipes, clean drains, replace windows, touch-up painted surfaces, repair broken tiles, and re-surface hardwood floors.

Your handymen will also upkeep outdoor areas, such as yards and patios, and exterior of your house. For instance, he’ll handle the repair of outdoor structures and furniture damaged by weather, age or accident.


Additionally, if you need the exterior of your house to be power-washed and gutters cleaned, or snow, leaves, fallen branches or other debris removed from walkways, etc., rely on your Home One handyman to do the job for you.

When looking for a handyman or carpenter in Lancaster PA, make sure you pick one with a business license to operate in your area. It’s also a good business idea to hire a handyman who at least carries a general liability insurance policy, in case any damages are done to your home as a result from the work being performed.

Looking for a reliable, qualified handyman in Lancaster, PA and nearby area? Need experienced and skillful carpenters in Lancaster, PA?

No job is too big or too small for our carpenters and handyman in Lancaster PA – at Home One Services we even guarantee our work and your 100% satisfaction for every job we’ll perform for you.

Let us show you how we can make your home more beautiful, comfortable and healthier, while increasing the overall value of your house.

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