Is It Time To Renovate Your Commercial Space?

When people think about renovations, they usually imagine kitchens, bathrooms, and basements. Renovations are synonymous with residential homes, but commercial spaces need to be remodeled from time to time, too!

How do you know when you need renovations in your commercial space? With so many things to think about, we wanted to take the time to answer this question and make it easy for you.

If you are looking for commercial contractors in Lancaster, PA, Home One Services has you covered. Meeting with our commercial general contractors will help you determine the best route for remodeling your space. Until then, check out this list for signs that it may be time to renovate.

1. Needs of Your Business Have Changed

Nearly every industry has gone through changes over the last few years, and it is safe to say that the needs of your business might have changed along with it.

Perhaps your business has grown, and you need more space for additional employees. Maybe your business requires extra storage for added inventory. Regardless of the reason, if you need to renovate your current or new space because your business needs have changed, we can help.

2. Your Commercial Space Needs a New Look

Your space may need to be renovated because it is just time for a new look. If your commercial space’s design, structure, and décor look outdated, it could be time to remodel.

Giving your space a new look can help curb appeal, attract new clients or employees, and positively impact your team’s morale. While having old aesthetics may work for some businesses, it may not work for yours. If you think your look is not keeping up with the Joneses, it could be time to renovate.

3. You Want to Save on Energy Costs

Renovating is not just about adding space or giving your office a facelift. It could also open up new opportunities to save on energy costs. There are many ways that renovating your commercial space can help!

Your HVAC system might be old and outdated, which uses a lot of electricity. An old building might have worn-out insulation, which needs replacing to help with heating and cooling. Maybe you want to redo the roof so your business can look into alternative energy like solar panels.

4. You Want to Improve Employee Efficiency

It may not be apparent at first, but renovating your commercial space can impact the efficiency of your employees!

For example, reorganizing your space to centralize commonly used supplies can improve productivity. Changing the room layout could move employees closer to the printer, cutting down on travel time. Expanding your space could give a growing team enough space to work, collaborate, and create.

Regardless of the reason, renovation can help with a host of efficiency concerns!

5. You Want to Increase Property Value

If you are the owner of a commercial space, you may want to hire commercial general contractors to renovate in order to increase your property’s value. A newly renovated commercial space may attract higher-end clients to rent or lease your property.

Similarly, perhaps you want to sell but need to make your commercial space more appealing to get a better price. If your business works in the building you own, improving the value can help you extract equity from your property if needed.

These are just some of the top signs that it’s time to renovate your commercial space. If you are a business owner in Lancaster, PA, put us on your shortlist of commercial contractors to work with. Home One Services has been providing commercial services to businesses for over a decade and a half. Call us today at 717-581-3747 to see how we can help transform your commercial space.