Lancaster, PA Bathroom Remodeling – 5 Ideas To Make Your Space Beautiful

Your bathroom is one of the most private spaces of your home, since it’s where you cleanse and pamper yourself, and get ready for a busy day or for a restful night. It’s only natural that you want to feel good when you’re in your bathroom – and you want this space to be beautiful and functional.

When you have guests and visitors, don’t you want them to be impressed by your gorgeous bathroom? Plus, kitchen and bathroom remodeling will also add serious value to your home.

Your bathroom may only need a cosmetic makeover, such as a fresh coat of paint and a new sink, or new cabinets and lights. Maybe you need to focus on changing your bathroom’s drafty window, old plumbing, and squeaky floors.

Now if your house is very old, your bathroom is most likely very small, in which case you may want to think of the way to transform that small, inefficient space into a more spacious and functional bathroom.

The greatest thing is that even by installing a, let’s say, pedestal sink, some modern lighting, and painting the walls the right colors – you can create the illusion of a more spacious bathroom while increasing the appeal.

Here are some great photos and ideas for your bathroom remodeling from the National Kitchen & Bath Association’s Design Competition archives:

  1. The Beach Feel

Open up your bathroom space by adding ambient lighting and bright colors to create a visually larger room. By installing shallow cabinets you can increase the width of the space.


You can also play with details to create a beach-like feel, such as stone and tile mosaics on the floor and walls.

  1. Glass Splendor


A rounded glass countertop is a great idea when you want to create more space and a sense of airiness. Add glass tiles on the wall in flowing curves, and create unique splendor.

  1. Dramatic Tone and Texture



Like bold, attention-grabbing styles? Take a look at this detailed vanity tucked in a very limited space. It features a cast bronze basin and patina counter, a large mirror above it, and recessed lights to illuminate reflections. Plus, small tiles on walls add to the dramatic and attention-commanding look.

  1. Retro


If you like a nostalgic style with a modern-day twist, opt for an oval pedestal sink, an oval mirror that hides a medicine cabinet with a trumpet-shaped sconce on each side; A frameless shower door will increase the visual space, and nicely show the beautiful glass tiles.

  1. Elegance


This gorgeous shower has a curb-less entry, making the room look more elegant.

The stylish marble-tiled dividing wall provides privacy for the toilet area, as well as recessed shelving on the vanity side.

Bathroom fixtures can offer that instant visual enhancement, as well as add luxury and convenience – think heated towel bars, steam generators, and therapeutic showerheads!

Start envisioning your ideal bathroom remodeling Lancaster, PA today. Work with your contractor to create the best design so you can have the bathroom of your dreams!

Whether you need a total remodeling or simply a revamping of your old bathroom, renovating your bathroom can provide you with more comfort, enhance the beauty of your home, and increase its value.

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