What To Look For When Choosing A Lancaster PA Handyman?

People love to feel good, comfortable, peaceful and safe in their home. Making your house more comfortable and pleasant can be thrilling – unless you are stressed about the expense, time and effort that go into remodeling projects.

Then there’s finding the right person to do it.

Some of us love a good DIY project and feel excited to create something new.
Until, that is, we realize that so much can go wrong, and that we may actually end up paying more to have the work redone correctly by a professional.

Also, it’s not just about wasting our time and efforts; some home repairs and improvements are way too dangerous to do – unless you’re a professional handyman or contractor.

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If you have a very busy life, or you simply suffer from hammer-phobia or know-how, the bottom line is – you need a handyman who can take care of your repairs and remodels when you need them done.

The truth is, there are many jacks-of-all-trades out there, and somehow you need to ensure you find a handyman in Lancaster PA area you can really rely on.

So, what should you look for when choosing a handyman?

1. Pick a Licensed Tradesman

If you’re looking for a handyman in Lancaster PA, you should pick one who has a business license to operate in your area. This is important especially if your home needs remodeling or specialized tasks performed, such as structural work, replacing a pipe or adding an electrical circuit, roof repairs or installing new tiles.

Also, it’s a good idea to hire a handyman who at least carries a general liability insurance policy, in case any damages are done to your home as a result from the work being performed.

2. Pick a Handyman Who Can Do Small Jobs and Bigger Jobs

A lot of general contractors and, especially, big companies tend to take on bigger projects over small or random fix-up tasks. On the other hand, some handymen claim they can do anything and everything. So make sure you interview to see if the handyman you’re considering can handle the work you need done.

3. Check the Credibility

Get some references from your handyman or contractor, and be comfortable to call them. References should be relevant to the job you need done in your home.

You can also check with Better Business Bureau if there are any outstanding or open complaints with the handyman or the company they work for. People do place their complaints with BBB more often than we may think, so you could find out if there’s an open complaint that is connected to the handyman you want to hire.

4. Get an Estimate

It’s always good to ask for an estimate. As you are selecting your handyman, keep in mind that experience has proved over and over again that you should never choose the lowest bidder. Unless it’s your cousin or a friend, the lowest bid usually means skimping on something, or assumes that a task or a project will be easier than it actually will be.

Also, getting an estimate upfront will help you plan for what needs to be done, and see if it’s in your budget to do all the things you’d like done.

Also, especially with larger projects, get a written and signed proposal from the handyman services in Lancaster PA listing the details and costs and of the proposed project.

5. Get a Detailed Plan

Even if you need minor fixes around your house – your handyman Lancaster PA should present a plan, in writing, outlining what needs to be done to fix the problem, what materials and equipment they plan to use.

Finally, your handyman should honor the plan, timelines, and estimate and if any changes need to happen, such as unforeseen repairs or new materials required – they should first be cleared by you. Work closely with your handyman and don’t be afraid to ask for updates during the project.

Happy home improvements!

No job is too big or too small for our Lancaster PA Handyman division at Home One Services. From cleaning gutters to finishing walls, floor repairs to installing handrails, hanging pictures to drywall, and much more – we always have you covered.

We even guarantee our work and your 100% satisfaction for every job we’ll perform for you.

Home One handyman services in Lancaster PA offer Free In Home Consultations in our primary service area and free phone consultations/estimates in our secondary service area.

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