Not All Renovations Are Created Equally

Some of us will have nothing to do with a home project. Some of us, on the other hand, love putting those fun looking power tools we got for Christmas to “good use”.


Now, DIY home renovations can certainly be very rewarding, as they can save us money and bring the sense of accomplishment. That is, if they go well.

The truth is, take on the wrong project and all your time and effort will not only be wasted – but also lead to having to pay much more to have the work redone correctly.

Also, some improvements are dangerous for a novice or even if you have intermediate skills.

It’s probably true that most of us have attempted some pretty crazy projects around the house at least once in our lifetime; as a result, we may have had to learn the hard way that some home remodeling endeavors are just meant for professionals.

The reality is that there are DIY projects, and there are “DIFM” – Do It For Me Projects, and it’s crucial to recognize which one we have in front of us.

Often times, we look around our home and see so many broken or outdated items that we just want to go in and fix it or enhance it – and we need to understand when we can do something ourselves and when we need to hire the pros.

Interestingly, a recent survey from the Home Projects Council revealed what kind of DIY tasks home owners find doable, and which are the ones they would not, or know should not, tackle. Let’s take a look.

Home improvements home owners feel most comfortable doing on their own include installing window treatments, curtains, blinds, or shutters, new cabinet hardware, shelves, a lighting fixture or ceiling fan, a faucet or shower head, a stone patio or walkway, and a mailbox, cleaning, staining or painting and sealing patio or other concrete surface, and landscaping the yard.

Here are the home improvements that typically need the expertise and experience of a pro: installing or replacing countertops, cabinets, a backsplash, messy bathroom renovations, replacing wood or vinyl floors, electrical work, building a deck, an outdoor kitchen, barbecue, fireplace, shed, storage, or fence, and pouring a concrete patio, steps, or sidewalk.


The bottom line is, not all home renovations are created equally, and they should be treated as such.

Those that have the potential to seriously injure you or severely damage your home, such as projects that include anything involving main electrical lines or natural gas pipes.

Also, beware of DIY jobs that involve plumbing, waterproofing, electrics, and structural renovations – and should be done by a licensed professional – not only can they be dangerous, but there’s also a big chance your work would not be up the code, not to mention second-rate and often in need of total redoing.

Before you dive into your next home remodeling, seek an experienced Lancaster home improvement professional – Contact us today.