We Are Proud of our Work – Here is a Recent Project We Completed

At Home One, we love home renovation projects – from small and simple to large and challenging – we welcome them all and give each project our best.

Here’s a look at our favorite recent home renovation in Lancaster PA, an addition that we recently finished for a local customer.

A little background: the homeowners had originally hired another contractor to complete the work; however, they felt like they were being “taken”, so to speak.

So, they reached out to our company. The husband is a Disabled Vietnam Veteran and is confined to a wheelchair, and the family needed additional space in their home. Naturally, we felt compelled to help this family and we advised them that we would take care of them and their needs. We soon started the project.

We began by excavating the foundation and pouring the concrete. Here’s the yard with the foundation for the addition to the house:


Next we worked on framing the walls and installing the windows. We created façade on the outside to match the parts of the existing house.






Once we built the exterior, the interior required installation of drywall and running the plumbing and electrical before we installed the wood flooring. We then patched, primed, and painted the interior walls and ceiling, and installed recessed lights.


They have told their neighbors and family of what a wonderful job that we have done for them. We are proud to have been able to help this family, especially after the negative experience they had with the original contractor. We hope to become their “Go To” contractor in the future because at Home One, we always do the right thing for our customers and guarantee their satisfaction!

Once everything was finished, the transformation was great – the new area added a new dimension to the house, enhanced the size/square footage, and created spaciousness for the family that they didn’t have before.


The best part is, the homeowners were thrilled with our work, completed just in time for them to relax and enjoy the winter holiday season!

At Home One, we love projects and we love and appreciate when clients speak highly of us.

If you need remodeling contractors in Lancaster PA and surrounding areas, our experienced home improvement professionals are ready to help make your place safer, more functional and beautiful. Contact Home One Services today for all your home renovation needs.