Recent Project: Kitchen Makeover

Since 2005, Home One Services has served clients throughout Lancaster, PA with jobs big and small. Whether you are looking for kitchen contractors or a handyman for some simple tasks, Home One Services is the only place you need to call!

We recently completed a kitchen makeover for a client in a collaborative effort with another great company in Lancaster, PA. Two Dudes Painting Company helped us take on a project where a client wanted to breathe new life into their kitchen while maintaining its personality and familiarity.

Home One Services was the right kitchen remodeling company for the job and the client could not be happier. Take a look at how this project turned out!

This client wanted an update for their kitchen that did not detract from its existing charm. They were hoping to keep certain aspects of their existing kitchen, but spruce up other areas with a fresh look. As a kitchen remodeling company, Home One Services has extensive experience in these types of jobs.

This kitchen had beautiful granite countertops that still had plenty of life left in them as well as a backsplash that was going to look great with what the client had in mind. Keeping those two elements of the existing kitchen not only helped keep the soul of this kitchen alive, but it also helped keep money in the client’s pockets!

While some kitchen contractors will try to lure customers into spending the most money possible, Home One Services will always have the customer’s best interest at heart. If we can help customers turn their houses into the home of their dreams and save them money in the process, it is a win-win situation.

We carefully removed the granite countertops and kept them safe since we knew we would be reusing them. Many kitchen cabinets were still functional but needed to be revitalized. The cabinets that were going to be put back into the kitchen were taken out and thoroughly checked to ensure that they were still working as intended.

Two Dudes Painting Company came on-site and masterfully renovated the cabinets. The dark stain that was once fashionable was meticulously removed, and the cabinets were painted white to match the new aesthetic for the kitchen. Once Two Dudes Painting Company finished the cabinets, they were reinstalled into the kitchen and along with the existing granite countertops.

Not every cabinet was brought back into the kitchen, however. The client hadn’t been using the set of cabinets above the breakfast bar area, making the spot a perfect opportunity to open up the kitchen and add some life to the area. We replaced the cabinets with three stunning light fixtures that showcased the entire project.

All of these photos show the stark contrast between the before and after of the kitchen. It just goes to show that not every kitchen makeover has to start from scratch or cost you a fortune to complete.

Home One Services was happy to work hand in hand with Two Dudes Painting Company to complete this project and give the customer exactly what they wanted. If you are thinking of doing any remodeling in your home, contact us today to see how we can assist you with making your dreams a reality!