Why Replacing Your Windows Before The Winter Is A Great Idea

Your home is where you spend so much time, and it is your castle. Regardless of the season, you want to feel comfortable, safe and good inside your abode.

One thing that can help you immensely with that is replacing your old, cracked or leaky windows.

But, do you want to wait for ice and 10’ snow drifts?

Not only will the weather make window replacement or repair nearly impossible, but you will also be facing another winter of paying sky-high energy bills; plus, remember, you want to be comfortable in your home.

Another challenge with replacing your windows during the winter months is that you may not get the best installation. With all the finesse we put into every project – there are things that could affect our window installation; caulking may not set well in extreme conditions, moisture can affect the tight tolerances, to name a few.

At Home One, we believe now is the best time to replace your old, broken, stuck shut, leaky and drafty windows.

Quality windows help insulate your home from fluctuations in temperature and keep your home warm in the winter, and cool in the summer.

One thing you need to know: the ability for your windows to resist temperature changes decreases over time. This can create higher energy costs and, certainly, less comfort.

So start planning to replace your older windows before the weather gets bad AND before they reach this stage – it will give you the best long term advantages when it comes to your comfort, cost and home value.

Also, is your home too noisy? Look into replacing your windows with laminated glass – it will help reduce the noise pollution in your home.

Now here’s another big reason why you should replace your windows.

According to Remodeling Magazine, replacing windows and roofs are high on the list of remodeling projects that are good investments for your home – returning 80 percent or more at resale.


But, do not wait until cold starts to creep its way into your home, start looking into professional window installers who can quickly and efficiently remove your old windows in Lancaster PA and install new, more efficient windows.

For experienced and affordable replacement windows Lancaster PA, or window repair in Lancaster PA area, Home One is your trusted source! Contact Home One Services today.

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