The Scariest Renovation Mishaps

Renovation projects are inherently optimistic because the sparkling end results in our minds lead us to power through. However, big fears slow down homeowners who worry they’ll wind up in a worst-case-scenario with disastrous results.

Don’t know what we’re talking about? Here are a few haunting tales that might make your head spin…

DIY Disaster

Everyone knows that DIY projects have the potential to go awry, but we often think that will only happen to someone else – not us.

One couple watched so much home improvement television that they decided to install new drywall in their home themselves. Why not? What could go wrong? They scheduled a few days off work, but after working four days straight, had only hung a total of … three pieces.

It turned out to be much more of a challenge than they realized, so they hired a professional renovation contractor who was able to finish the project much faster. Certain projects are best left to experts, especially if you’re working on time constraints.

Dark and Stormy Days

One gentleman hired a renovation contractor to replace the windows in his home. Unfortunately, no one remembered to look at the weather forecast. Just when the old windows were removed, the sky unleashed torrential downpours. One of the windows being replaced was a skylight, and the entire room got completely soaked – even ruining some of the furniture inside.

Tricked and Treat-less

In a hurry to wrap up a house he was flipping, one investor who was headed out of town on vacation agreed to let his landscape guy replace the siding. The landscaper offered him a deal he couldn’t turn down.

Unfortunately, he returned from vacation to see that the new siding had been installed directly on top of the old siding. The errors didn’t end there. Long nails had been used with a nail gun, damaging the electrical wires inside. When confronted, the landscaper-turned-handyman offered to fix the project – for double the price.

Research Reviews for Eerie-sistible Results

While it’s prudent to be wary, don’t let those horror stories sit with you for too long. We don’t want you to be permanently spooked into never tackling a home project again.

Rest assured that there are licensed renovation contractors you can trust to do the job well and finish strong. Carefully reading reviews of renovation contractors will let you know the quality of their work and provide insight into their trustworthiness as a company.

Hiring a reputable professional contractor for your projects is a must. You’ll save time and money, and you’ll be thrilled with the end results. If you’re searching for a renovation company near me in Lancaster, PA, Home One Services would be honored to renovate your home – however big or small the project and vision may be.

Below are some glowing reviews from a few of our loyal Home One Services clients.

“All you need to know is you can’t get better service. We had drywall repaired, there was no mess left for us to clean up, and the installer removed his shoes at the door and respected our home. They did such a great job that we had them back the following week to install new baseboards. AWESOME!!” [Shawn T.]

“Home One is prompt, professional, and courteous in all of their interactions. We have used their services for over 15 years at our home and another property that we owned. Our most recent experience has been the renovation of our kitchen. Dealing with them has always been a positive experience.” [Jim M.]

“I had a hole in my ceiling repaired, some siding replaced, and a difficult-to-access gutter cleaned. This is the second time I’ve used Home One, and the same handyman came. I have no complaints. The jobs were well done and I would definitely use Home One again.” [Purrzbee]

“Just finished rebuilding our deck, putting a roof over our deck and concrete patio, and screening in the deck. Great group to work with. Got the job done on time in spite of recent challenges acquiring materials, gave lots of good suggestions in the planning process as well as throughout the build, crew was very nice, kept the job site clean every day, and price was fair for the quality of work done. Would recommend 100%, and we’ll definitely be reaching out to them for other remodeling work we have planned down the road.”

“Fixed hole in ceiling, installed and painted crown molding, painted ceiling, and installed new ceiling fan. All the guys that worked on the above were professional, knowledgeable, very neat, and friendly!” [Barb]

“Super impressed with the timely work completion to help get our home back into “like new” condition for the holidays. Thanks again Home One team!” [Tim B.]

Reliable Renovation Contractors Serving Lancaster, PA

Home One Services takes pride in our reputation as reputable and reliable contractors who will complete your home renovations in the Lancaster, PA area without a hitch. We strive to provide the best service, backed by our five-star guarantee and our resolve to ‘Do It Different.’

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