Turn Your Honey-Do List into a Honey-Done List

Spring has sprung and with the warmer weather coming our way, a lot of people have things like spring cleaning and home improvement on their minds.  Or, perhaps you are one of the millions of people who have recently bought a house and need some help with projects that may be too much for you to do on your own.  You may have already started a list of things that you want to get done around your house to make it feel more like home, or to give it a little more character.  Whatever the case may be, Home One Services is here for the assist! 

We have been providing handyman services to the Lancaster PA area from day one – it’s what we built our business on. 

Need a handyman to get your list from to do, to finally done?  We got you covered!

Here at Home One Services, there is no job that is too big or too small for us to handle.  From the top to the bottom of your home, there are probably a number of things that you want to do or projects you have been reluctant to start for several reasons, so we are here to help with our handyman services that are second to none.  We have a wide range of things we can help you with because we have a handyman that is right for pretty much every job out there! 

We have a huge list of services and we are going to take the time to highlight some popular ones:

  1. Replacing A Door – The entrance to your home is often overlooked as something that you may want to focus on.  When you walk in and out of it every day, it may be something that you take for granted.  You may not even realize it needs to be repaired or possibly even replaced.  You should also keep in mind that your door serves as an entrance, but also can be a place of focus from the exterior of your home.  Replacing an old door that is in disarray can add both security and a new look to your house.
  • Adding A Closet Or Custom Storage – Giving a bedroom extra functionality is never a bad idea.  Keeping your clothes, shoes and other belongings stored and organized is a great way to help you declutter and keep things tidy.  Adding a closet or custom storage to a room in your home will not only clear things up, but is also a great way to add value to your home!
  • Deck Repair – Spring is here and summer is soon to follow.  Your deck is sure to get more use from your family being outside and having a BBQ and enjoying the nice weather.  The cold winter months may have been harsh to your deck, or it may just be naturally starting to show its age.  We can help with deck repair to breathe some life into your deck and make it like new again.
  • Garage Doors/Openers – If you are one of the many people who have recently bought a home that needs some TLC, it is possible that you may not have a garage door opener.  Or, perhaps you want to upgrade to a newer nicer model.  We can make it work.  The installation of your garage door opener will be easy and fast.
  • Painting – If you have an empty house that has one color throughout the home, it may be time to liven things up a bit.  We can paint every room in your house and bring your personality to your home with whatever colors you choose.  Maybe you are getting ready to sell your home and you want everything to be a neutral color and allow buyers to use their imagination when walking through your home.  When it comes to painting, we got you covered.
  • Window Repair/Installation – Windows can help you with keeping your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer.  You may not realize how much of an impact that windows have on the temperature of your home.  If you have windows that do not shut or lock properly they can also be a safety hazard.  Regardless of whether you need to get better windows to save on heating and cooling costs or safety, Home One Services can help you check that off your list.
  • Flooring – If you plan on refinishing or replacing the flooring in your home, our team is right for the job.  New flooring can give any room in your house an instant facelift and a new look.  We have handymen that are experienced with laminate, ceramic, linoleum, and hardwood flooring.  No matter the type of flooring you want, we can handle it.
  • Siding – Replacing the siding on the exterior of your home can give your home a much-needed makeover.  Vinyl siding can fade or crack over time, which can leave your home exposed to the elements.  When you replace your siding, you get both form and function and it also is a sound investment in your home.

Home One Services started with handyman services and has grown to be a one-stop-shop for all your home needs. 

Contact us today if you need help with any job around the house.  The projects listed above are some of the more common things people want to be done, click here to see a list of just how many handyman services we can help you with.  For a list of ALL services, click here.