When Do You Need to Hire an Electrical Contractor for Your Home?

Your home’s electrical system is not something you should take lightly. Knowing when you need the expertise of an electrical contractor versus when you can safely DIY electrical work will help keep you and your home safe. There are key times when it would be incredibly unwise to try working with electrical wiring and components without professional guidance and oversight. Here is when it is essential to call in an electrical contractor for your home.

electrical contractor

You notice flickering lights.

If you start noticing your lights occasionally flickering, that likely indicates some type of loose connection or another issue with your home’s electrical wiring. While a stray flicker here and there, especially when using large appliances, can be normal, frequent flickering lights suggest an electrical problem is present. Only a professional inspection by a licensed electrician can determine what is causing your flickering lights, so the proper repairs can be made. Attempting electrical repairs without proper training risks electrocution or even starting an electrical fire inside your walls. Give your safety a top priority by calling an electrician to deal with flickering light issues right away.

You want added electrical capacity.

Has your breaker been tripping, or is your home lacking sufficient outlets for all your devices and appliances lately? If it feels like you are outgrowing your electrical capacity, it takes an electrical contractor to come and safely expand that for you. Determining exactly what upgrades your electrical system can handle, installing new wiring and circuits properly, and tying everything into your main electrical panel are complex tasks unwise for DIY work. Additionally, overloading your electrical capacity risks dangerous outcomes from fires, and electrocution risks damage to sensitive devices from inconsistent electrical flow. Leave electrical capacity expansions to the pros, so it is done right.

You need wiring for electrical vehicle charging.

Electric vehicles grow more popular each year, but did you know successfully charging them at home requires professional electrical upgrades in most homes? Without upgrades to wiring, charging equipment, and panels, trying to charge an EV could overload your electrical capacity. Additionally, the charger needs special wiring and a dedicated extra-capacity circuit suitable to safely handle high charging loads over longer periods. Otherwise, you risk fires or other electrical dangers trying to charge an EV without the necessary setup. Any time you want to wire in the infrastructure to charge electric vehicles in your garage, call an electrical contractor to ensure it’s done properly.

A remodel requires moving wiring and fixtures.

Electrical projects involving changing light fixtures or switching locations should also only be handled by professional electricians when you are remodeling parts of your home. For example, moving wiring to accommodate changing interior walls and room sizes takes training and electrical understanding that the average homeowner lacks.

Safely tying new wire into existing electrical circuits while keeping power properly balanced takes professional testing equipment and skill. Additionally, any time modifications are made, the work has to meet all updated building and electrical codes for inspection compliance reasons later on. Ultimately, let the experts handle moving or installing new wiring during any remodeling project to avoid safety issues down the road.

Storm damage occurs.

After major storms with high winds, downed trees, or extensive flooding, it is critical that you have your home’s electrical system examined by professionals before restoring power. If floodwaters get into your home’s electrical components or falling trees affect outside electrical lines, severe damage may occur.

Attempting to turn the power back on before a professional inspection could cause fires, make you vulnerable to electrocution, or result in expensive damage. Additionally, most homeowner’s insurance policies require detailed electrical inspection reports after major electrical damage from wind, water, or other storm effects before making a claim.

Request services or an estimate today.

Anytime flickering lights, lack of electrical capacity, EV charging installation, electrical remodeling, or storm damage occur at your home, it requires contacting a licensed electrician right away. Stay safe and keep your home’s electrical system operating at peak efficiency over the long run by utilizing electrical contractor services anytime complex or hazardous conditions are present. The professionals have the extensive training to handle it right the first time. For professional electrical inspection and repair services, call Home One Home Improvement Services in Lancaster, PA, at 717-581-3474 to schedule an appointment today.