Skills and Tools

The Questionnaire will take 20-30 minutes to complete.

It is important that you answer honestly.

Many of your interview questions will be based on your self-evaluation. Later your skill set will be utilized to match you to job assignments once you are an employee / approved subcontractor.

We want you to succeed and enjoy your work. This will occur if you respond to all questions truthfully.

Thank you for taking the time to respond to all of our questions.

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Personal Information

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  • Check the appropriate column to indicate the efficiency level you have for each skill, 1 being the lowest and 5 the highest.
  • Check the box next to each tool that you own.


Your Skill Level
Install / Repair Faucet, Lines 12345
Install / Replace Supply Valves 12345
Install / Replace Sink 12345
Install / Replace Vanity 12345
Install / Replace Tub Faucet 12345
Install / Replace Toilet 12345
Install / Replace Tub 12345
Install / Replace Wall Tile 12345
Install Shower Door 12345
Install Tile Backer Board 12345
Lay Ceramic Floor Tile 12345
Grouting 12345


Adjustable WrenchesCeramic Tile BitsChannel LocksTile SawHack SawFaucet Handle PullerSupply Line WrenchRigid Tubing CutterCaulk GunReciprocating SawGrout RemoverPlungerTile Float / SpongeWhite StoneTile CutterTile Hole Saw25′ Snake

Carpentry Exterior

Your Skill Level
Deck Layout, Build 12345
Replace Siding, Trim 12345
Build Deck Railings 12345
Build Deck Stairs 12345
Roof Layout 12345
Replace Soffit and Facia 12345
Install Replacement Windows 12345
Custom Bend Aluminum 12345


Chop SawTable SawFraming Square4′ LevelSpeed SquareCircular SawAir CompressorFraming Nail GunFinish Nail GunBelt SanderCorded 1/2” DrillBreak (aluminum)

Carpentry Interior

Your Skill Level
Wall Layout and Framing 12345
Install Molding 12345
Install Crown Molding 12345
Build Stairs 12345
Install Cabinets 12345
Build Countertop / Laminate 12345
Install Wainscoating 12345


HammerNail Set2′ LevelJig SawRouterLaminate TrimmerFinish SanderAir CompressorCrown StaplerFinish Nail GunCordless DrillPower PlanerScribing ToolChisel Set


Your Skill Level
Set Forms 12345
Assemble Rebar and Remesh 12345
Sidewalk and Slab Finish 12345
Concrete Repair 12345
Lay Bricks 12345
Lay Cinderblock 12345
Lay Glass Block 12345
Clean Bricks 12345


Trowels and FloatsBull FloatWet SawEdging TrowelJoint TrowelBroomBoots


Your Skill Level
Install Pre-Hung Door 12345
Install Slab Door 12345
Install Exterior Door 12345
Replace Patio Door 12345
Replace Casing 12345
Install New Locksets 12345
Install Dead Bolt 12345
Repair Jamb 12345


Butt Hinge KitChisel SetBack SawHole Saw KitWonder BarHand PlanerMortise SetPlumb Bob


Your Skill Level
Hang Drywall Board 12345
Tape and Finish Drywall Joints 12345
Attach Corner Bead 12345
Tape and Finish Corners 12345
Wall Texture Matching 12345
Drywall Patches 12345
Spray Texture 12345


Drywall T-SquareTaping Knives (6″ to 12″)BanjoTexture Gun and HopperDrywall KnivesKnock Down KnifeEggbeater or Mixer


Your Skill Level
Remove / Replace Switch or Outlet 12345
Remove / Replace Light Fixture 12345
Assemble Ceiling Fan 12345
Install Bath Fan 12345
Change Circuit Breaker 12345
Wire 3-Way Circuit 12345
Rough-In Electrical 12345
Install Doorbell 12345
Troubleshooting 12345
Swap Florescent Ballast 12345
Run 220 Volt Power 12345


Phillips and Straight ScrewdriversOutlet AnalyzerCircuit Test LightInductive Power DetectorWire StrippersLineman’s PliersNeedle Nose PliersNut Driver SetFlexible Conduit CutterFlashlightVoltage Test Meter


Your Skill Level
Replace Fence Post 12345
Build Privacy Fence 12345
Repair Chain Link Fence 12345
InstallSplitRailFence 12345
Build Gate 12345
Install Vinyl Fence 12345


ShovelPost Hole DiggerCome AlongPruning ToolsString Line and LevelChain Saw


Your Skill Level
Install Laminate Flooring 12345
Install / Repair Linoleum 12345
Install / Repair Carpet 12345
Install / Repair Hardwood Floor 12345
Finish Hardwood Floor 12345
Ceramic Tile Flooring 12345
Sub-Floor Repair 12345
FloorSqueakRepair 12345
Base Molding / Cove 12345


ClampsLinoleum RollerCarpet Kicker, SeamerPlank NailerRubber MalletWet SawScribe SetTape MeasureCoping Saw

Maintenance Inside

Your Skill Level
Ice Maker Install 12345
Wallpaper Install / Repair 12345
Grid Ceiling Install 12345
Dryer Vent Installed 12345
Hang Heavy Items on Wall 12345
Install Keyboard Tray 12345
Hang Curtains / Blinds 12345


Tubing CutterWall Paper RemoverScissorsPutty KnifeStep LadderAllen Wrench SetShop Vac

Maintenance Outside

Your Skill Level
Gutters Cleaned 12345
Hedge Trimming 12345
Landscape Work 12345
Power Wash House / Deck 12345
Assemble Shed Kit 12345
Build Swing Set 12345
Replace Window Well 12345
Stain Decks 12345


Trash BagsHedge TrimmerWheel BarrowPush BroomHand Tools / Chalk LineSafety GlassesExtension Ladder


Your Skill Level
Masking 12345
Brush Painting 12345
Roller Painting 12345
Airless Spray 12345
Staining 12345
Finish Coats 12345
Color Matching 12345
Faux Painting 12345


2in Brush3in BrushRoller HandleRoller PanRoller NapsMaskerDrop ClothsCaulking Gun


Your Skill Level
Remove / Replace Faucet Washers 12345
Remove / Replace Faucet Seat 12345
Remove / Replace Faucet Cartridge 12345
Remove / Replace Faucet Assembly 12345
Remove / Replace Drain / P-Trap 12345
Remove / Replace Disposal 12345
Remove / Replace Kitchen Sink 12345
HookupDishwasher 12345
Adjust Toilet 12345
Remove / Replace Toilet Fill Valve 12345
Remove / Replace Toilet Innards 12345
Remove / Replace Shower Valve 12345
SweatCopperLeaks 12345
RunGasLine 12345
TroubleshootLeaks 12345
D.W.V. Assemble 12345


Adjustable WrenchesChannel LocksSeat WrenchHack SawFaucet Handle Puller4-Way Valve KeyRigid Tubing CutterFaucet WrenchCloset Spud WrenchStrainer Locknut WrenchSeat Hinge Nut SocketsPVC Pipe Cutting ToolTorch KitCopper Cleaning ToolRam SetPipe Wrenches


Your Skill Level
Drive Dump Truck 12345
Swamp Cooler Installed 12345
Roofing Install 12345
Roofing Repair 12345
Commercial Work – Describe:



Coil NailerRoofing HammerRoofing JacksSafety Harness

Additional Basic Tools

Utility Knife100′ Extension CordChalk BoxScissorsWonder BarHot Glue GunWrench SetCalculatorPlumb BobDrill IndexTrash Bags 25′ Tape MeasureNail ApronSocket SetMetal SnipsPipe ClampsAllen Wrench SetCrow BarsCell PhoneShop VacuumSafety GogglesDry Wall Knives Extension Ladder

Step Ladder

Skill Questions

* Answers are required for each question. *

1. Please describe the vehicle you will use on the job.

2. What is the most common cause of a constantly running toilet?

3. How do you stop a dripping faucet?

4. Have you sweated copper? What is the #1 key to a successful sweat?

5. What gauge of wire do you need to run off a 20-amp breaker?

6. On an outlet, which wires do you connect to the brass, silver, & green screws?

7. List the steps to install a ceiling fan in a location w/o existing power.

8. What types of accelerated (hot) mud are you accomplished at using?

9. List the steps to replace a door knob hole in drywall.

10. List the steps to replace a door slab.

11. When framing, what should you consider about the next step of construction?

12. Are you comfortable installing stain grade trim? How do you cut crown molding?

13. What is the most important thing when laying a new vinyl floor, sheet goods?

14. What do you consider when determining where to begin a tile floor project?

15. What type of backer board do you use when tiling a shower with a steam sauna?

16. List the steps for re-caulking a shower.

17. In roofing what is a “square”?

18. How many bundles of shingles cover on “square”?

Please let us know about any additional skills you possess and/or any tools you own that were not listed in the form above.


If you would like to send us your resume’ please send it to