Our Story

Your Home Improvement Company in Lancaster PA

Home One Services was founded on one simple, yet powerful concept:

“Do It Different!”

Fed up with the endless supply of contractors that would forget to return calls, or decide not to show up on time, and annoyed with carpenters from Lancaster PA that had mediocre work ethic at best, surpassed only by how poorly the overall work was completed, entrepreneur Chad Neiss decided it was time for a change in the home improvement industry in Lancaster PA.

Chad saw a great opportunity to challenge the current home improvement market and offer a relief from the average workmanship that seemed to be everywhere he looked.

So, Chad contacted his life-long friend, Tom Brubaker, who had many years of construction experience, and pitched the idea of starting a home improvement business; at that time Home One Services and their 5 Star Guarantee were born.

Founded in 2005, Home One Services originally started out as a handyman company that sought to complete the smaller jobs that many of the bigger companies shied away from.

As the company grew in both size and, more importantly, reputation, many new customers and past clients began looking to Home One Services for larger home improvements and full scale remodels.

Out of pure necessity, the Home One Services Renovation division was up and running quickly thereafter.

As the needs of customers changed and the company continued to grow quickly, we opened up our Electrical division in 2010 and officially formed Home One Services, as it stands today; a full service home improvement company that offers Handyman, Renovation/Remodeling, Electrical and Commercial services through Central and Eastern PA.